Brekkie von Bitcoin

Brekkie von Bitcoin (formerly Crypto Breakfast) is an entertainment personality and content creator focused on the Blockchain ​and Cryptocurrency ​space.​ His satirical work often lampoons major figures in crypto such as Craig S. Wright and Nouriel Roubini.  In addition to humorous videos, Brekkie is an occasional blogger for Whale Reports, and he also creates physical and digital artwork designed to promote mass adoption and conversation around crypto. Recently he was named #17 on the Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2019)​ list.

He is based in Los Angeles, California, ​where he is currently working on the pilot for an all new, crypto-focused late night talk show.


Brekkie hails from a sleepy village tucked away in the Austrian Alps. He is descended from a long line of Austrian economists who believe that Bitcoin​ is our best chance at "Sound Money," and a more equitable and prosperous future. 
In late 2017, Brekkie began as a parody of self-titled gurus and experts in the crypto world as well as a proliferator of memes. His most popular content is the parody web series "Blockchain and Morty," which puts a crypto spin on scenes from the popular television show, Rick and Morty.